Your Benefit with Soft SANA Caps™

Soft SANA Caps TM Claims:

Stand the heat & humidity
Animal free
No genetically modified material
Allergen free

Compatibility of shell & ingredient
Adapted ingredient release
Preferable impact strength
Superior oxygen barrier property

Existing capsule materials have several issues.

Major issues with soft gelatine capsule materials
  • Awkward manufacturing procedures
  • Expensive packaging required in specific climate zones
  • Gelatine requires an expensive preparation process
  • Based on animal raw-material thus implying BSE risks
  Major issues with alternative capsule materials
  • Brittleness or weakness of capsule shell is an issue
  • Expensive packaging required in specific climate zones
  • Alternatives require an expensive and difficult preparation process and mostly expensive raw materials
  • Alternatives may have regulatory and health issues

Soft SANA Caps™
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