Values & Strategy

Our Core Values

  1. No. 1 mentality
    We aspire to be always no. 1 in all we do, else wise we give it up.
  2. Tangible results
    We achieve results that are directed towards ACSANA’s business objective.
  3. The right team members
    The best people for us are the people who are highly motivated and fit functionally and humanely to the ACSANA team.
  4. Acceptance of facts
    We accept all facts to improve ourselves continuously.


ACSANA’s Strategic Principles
ACSANA’s Strategic Principles describe the fundamental priorities:

  1. Follow capsule innovation where it leads
    Pursue top quality science, internally and externally, balanced with customer need and commercial potential.
  2. Leverage the value of innovation
    Develop commercialisation projects if necessary with partners to maximize value and control our destiny.
  3. Excel in commercialisation
    Expand commercial capabilities to new customers and regions through license alliances.
  4. Drive core values together
    Culture our values: No. 1 mentality, results driven, the right team members, and acceptance of facts.


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